We’re Back!

We’re back and stronger than ever!
Where were we? Well, it’s a long story but to sum up, we’ve been learning the trade.

When I first wrote the program at 2010-2011 I had no previous experience with publishing a digital product online. It took me more time than I had been prepared for to learn the ins and outs in this new world of digital marketing. I’ve been learning a lot and now I’ve come to realize that marketing is simply finding the people who are already looking for you. But along the way to this realization I needed to look down a few paths and get my feet wet.

I just recently switched from a larger affiliate marketing system to a simple Paypal checkout system. This switch made the traffic go down, but it also made the cost go down. This is why I decided make a special offer and drop $20 off the price of the program.
– Also, I’ve reopened our Facebook fan page and it is getting very lonely there, so I’ve made an extra $10 discount for anyone who likes our Facebook fan page. All you need to do is press the “like” button on the product page and the discount button will appear.

I’m very happy that you’ve found our new site and I hope that you enjoy the program. Let me know how Break The Ice and Swim has helped you to master the skill of social interaction! I hope to see you around the forums.

– Eric

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